Donate today to help prevent bad news tomorrow

/Donate today to help prevent bad news tomorrow

Monitoring for, relaying information about, communicating talking points on, and engaging on flavor bans with elected officials is not a matter of simply watching the news because once these things are in the news you’ve already lost weeks, if not months, of valuable time.

As the only organization in CA that has been actively engaged on all these issues, we believe that the continuation of making sure everyone has the best chance at fighting these bad policies depends largely on your continued funding.

As of 2017, the percentage of time spent on these specific issues has been around 80% and as of early 2018 accelerated into what amounts to over two full-time jobs worth of time a day and flavor bans are not slowing down. Successes in minimizing the impact of flavor bans, as has been the case with most of them with a few exceptions, either through exemptions, grandfathering, or simply not having them prioritized and end up on agenda’s for consideration, do not happen overnight and do not happen without continued strategic efforts directly with council members or supervisors.

Let’s continue these battles and NOT read about it in the papers afterward while everyone wonders how the hell things may have slipped by. Please donate to Not Blowing Smoke via PayPal/Card to (preferred, and you can also find a link to it on this page) or

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Stefan switched from smoking to vaping in 2012 and has been a vocal and active supporter and advocate for vapor products and tobacco harm reduction and is frequently seen testifying in front of state and local legislators and policy makers. Outside of Stefan’s legislative and PR efforts, including the creation of the #notblowingsmoke website and movement, he is mostly known for working out of the world’s most famous home office. Stefan has been featured in many articles and interviews on the subject of vapor products, electronic cigarettes, and harm reduction, including professor Stanton Glantz’ Tobacco Control blog at the University of California, San Francisco.

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