Sacramento Flavor Ban Date Announcement

/Sacramento Flavor Ban Date Announcement

The retailer meeting between city staff and the tobacco and vapor retailers has just ended. Excellent points were raised by everyone and while there was a level of chaos in a meeting it was good to see about 100 people attending it to voice their concerns. The ordinance is currently drafted and will be proposed by the city as staff will be directed to finalize it on OCTOBER 23RD at 3PM.


The turn-out of both supporters and opposition to this bad policy is expected to be fairly large so prepare for 1 minute testimony. Let’s show Sacramento that it should not be like San Francisco and surprise them with the overwhelming opposition to bad policies like this. In the meantime, feel free to voice your concerns via e-mail to and and make sure the subject line says “Tobacco Ordinance Proposal”.

For those who are interested in how this meeting unfolded, below is a video from Benmar DelosSantos who has been a rockstar for recording the meeting live from his phone.

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