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Not part of any third party fundraising efforts

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It has been brought to our attention that several of you out there have contributed to third party fundraising efforts that implied your hard earned dollars would go to fight flavor bans (i.e. prohibition efforts on the sales of flavored "tobacco products").

California State Bill Update

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Last week the Appropriations committee took up AB1097 (introduced in early 2017) which prohibits the use of tobacco products (under CA law that includes vapor products) on state beaches and and in state parks. The vote was 12-5 along typical party lines (all D's in favor, all R's opposed). The bill has been referred to the suspense file (a temporary holding place to determine and weigh the cost involved). We do expect it'll come out of the suspense file and head into the next committee from there.

Not Blowing Smoke submits MRTP comments for IQOS

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Not Blowing Smoke's submission of our comments in support of the MRTP application by PMI for its IQOS system has just been published by the FDA. You can find the four page comment on the FDA website or directly via this link. Note our strong case on the reduced risks inherent to vapor products.

Comments to the FDA in support of PMI’s IQOS MRTP

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Below is a joint filing of comments to the FDA in support of PMI's IQOS MRTP application by TechFreedom, Taxpayers Protection Alliance, CEI, CASAA, Citizens Against Government Waste, Log Cabin Republicans, National Center for Public Policy Research, and Not Blowing Smoke.

Shame on Carol McGruder (Oakland Flavor Ban Hearing)

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A short snippet of our Founder and President of Not Blowing Smoke, Stefan Didak, testifying at the Oakland Flavor Ban Hearing that was held on July 18th, 2017 after passionate anti-smoking/anti-vaping crusaders locked in their ideological war on smoking decided to call the entire vaping industry "big tobacco" and shaming anyone who dares to stand up for that in opposition. SHAME SHAME SHAME

Bay Area vapers, Your ship is about to sail

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Flavor bans are about to happen in San Francisco, Oakland, San Leandro, Los Gatos, Palo Alto, and Contra Costa County. We will be telling elected officials and media in the Bay Area that Adults Like Flavors! Be part of this fight while having some good food, fun, and flavors!

How Not Blowing Smoke Eclipsed Still Blowing Smoke

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We love the publication in PubMed titled "Campaigns and counter campaigns: reactions on Twitter to e-cigarette education" as it takes a look at the metrics of campaign efforts between the California Department of Public Health's campaign called Still Blowing Smoke and our response that launched within an hour of it, called Not Blowing Smoke.

California Department of Public Health: National Smokeless Tobacco Summit

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During the 8th National Summit on Smokeless and Spit Tobacco, held in Albuquerque New Mexico April 18-20, 2016, California Department of Public Health employee Julie Lautsch gave a presentation titled “A Digital Game”. Considering the slides used in the presentation, and its content, it is abundantly clear that the California Department of Public Health considers their misleading propaganda and our attempts to set the record straight nothing more than “A Digital Game”.

E-Cig Advocates Respond to Misleading Stanford Research

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A new research paper from Stanford Research Into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising, published in the British Medical Journal, raises serious questions about the university’s use of research funds. The paper, authored by Stanford professor Dr. Robert Jackler, makes accusations of “brandalism” – manipulating an existing work to convey a different message, a tactic often used in anti-tobacco advertisements over the past two decades.