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Half Moon Bay Flavor Ban

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At 7pm on August 21 the city council of Half Moon Bay will be considering TWO ordinances that cover a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products as well as a range of other new policies. Vapers and business owners are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting. You can file your public comments with the City Clerk.

Beverly Hills Flavor Ban Includes 0-Nicotine

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“The ban on the sale is not just limited to nicotine,” said Keith Sterling, public information manager for the City of Beverly Hills. “For example, any electronic cigarette that emits a taste or aroma other than that of tobacco would also qualify under the restrictions. So, candy flavored e-cigarettes, for example, would also be restricted.”

Beverly Hills Flavor Ban Study Session

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DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU ARE A VAPER! But if you think you can stomach this and if you love paying attention to detail then certainly this will be 10 minutes of your life you'll never get back. Ever. Again. The future of flavor bans is pretty much explained in it.

San Pablo Flavor Ban and Common Sense

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Thank you, Councilmember Kinney, for your position and common sense approach to preserving the freedom of choice for adults. This is a very sharp contrast to the mayhem, ignorance, and desire to legislate behavior and morality in Beverly Hills!

San Pablo Flavor Ban Hearing

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The San Pablo city council meeting just concluded with one council member in opposition to the idea of prohibiting the sales of flavored tobacco products in the city. This means staff has now received direction on writing a city-wide no-exemptions style flavor ban that includes menthol. When finished this ordinance will be introduced in a future city council meeting for its first reading.

Beverly Hills Flavor Ban Meeting

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Several of us were at the initial meeting with the Health & Safety Committee in Beverly Hills earlier this year. It appears that they are moving forward in considering a flavor ban and as such, the City Council is holding a study session on TUESDAY AUGUST 7 at 2:30PM (they have not yet published their agenda and items but expect that to happen any day).

Municipalities in California that are prone to flavor bans

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No rest for the wicked. If you have not engaged with your local business communities, like for example joining the local chamber of commerce, or have not had any prior interactions or relationships with your elected officials, now would be the time to work on that because time is not on your side.

And so things start in Los Angeles County

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Thanks for being troopers today in the first stages of a flavor ban coming to town in Los Angeles County, Jay Love and John JJ Jenkins. You put a professional and respectable face on the vapor industry. You both did amazing, especially considering the time limit change to one minute and sitting around for hours with only limited entertainment. Now let's start preparing for battle.