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San Pablo Flavor Ban Hearing

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The San Pablo city council meeting just concluded with one council member in opposition to the idea of prohibiting the sales of flavored tobacco products in the city. This means staff has now received direction on writing a city-wide no-exemptions style flavor ban that includes menthol. When finished this ordinance will be introduced in a future city council meeting for its first reading.

And so things start in Los Angeles County

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Thanks for being troopers today in the first stages of a flavor ban coming to town in Los Angeles County, Jay Love and John JJ Jenkins. You put a professional and respectable face on the vapor industry. You both did amazing, especially considering the time limit change to one minute and sitting around for hours with only limited entertainment. Now let's start preparing for battle.

Sacramento Flavor Ban

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Prior to the August 28th scheduled flavor ban hearing in Sacramento it may be crucial (and most certainly advisable!) to get a few business owners PER DISTRICT to ask their respective city council person for a 1:1 meeting to address your concerns about how the proposed flavor ban will impact your business, your employees, and the economy in the city.

Flavor Ban in Richmond California Update 1

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Here is a quick update on the flavor ban "study session" in Richmond which was held on January 30th, 2018. Kari Hess and I were there earlier tonight. Parts of the hearing were typical. Some parts were a little less so since it was meant to get indications on positions of various city council members.

Flavor Ban in Richmond California

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The Richmond City Council will be conducting a study session to discuss policy options regarding amendments to the existing Tobacco Retail License (TRL) scheme. These amendments include a flavor ban component. According to the agenda item (K-2) we may have a reasonable shot at educating officials.

San Mateo Flavored Tobacco Ban Postponed

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As you can read from a piece that was just published, titled "Supervisor hits hold button on flavored cigarette ban" the County of San Mateo has temporarily postponed the agenda item on the prohibition of the sales of flavored tobacco, including vapor products and electronic cigarettes.

Beverly Hills California Flavor Ban Update

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Today at the Health & Safety Commission meeting in Beverly Hills CA the decision was made to instruct the city staff to start writing a flavor ban ordinance and to engage with local retailers and community on the issue and seek public input at a next hearing (February) at which a draft of the ordinance to prohibit the sales of flavored tobacco products will likely be presented.

San Mateo Flavored Tobacco Ban

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On Tuesday the 23rd of January 2018 at 9:00AM the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors is looking to introduce an ordinance to prohibit the sale or offer for sale of flavored tobacco products and prohibit pharmacies from selling or offering for sale any tobacco products, and amending Section 4.96.30 of Chapter 4.96 to clarify the definition of “tobacco products”, and waive the reading of the ordinance in its entirety.