Why battles are so much harder in California

/Why battles are so much harder in California

A picture always says more than a thousand words. Looking at the total funding, California has $336 million a year to spend on tobacco control efforts. That is more than all the other states combined. Remember that next time you wish to compare states.

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Stefan switched from smoking to vaping in 2012 and has been a vocal and active supporter and advocate for vapor products and tobacco harm reduction and is frequently seen testifying in front of state and local legislators and policy makers. Outside of Stefan’s legislative and PR efforts, including the creation of the #notblowingsmoke website and movement, he is mostly known for working out of the world’s most famous home office. Stefan has been featured in many articles and interviews on the subject of vapor products, electronic cigarettes, and harm reduction, including professor Stanton Glantz’ Tobacco Control blog at the University of California, San Francisco.

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