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AATCLC admits to exceeding lobbying restrictions

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Over the past two years, AATCLC has expanded beyond educational materials and charitable work. Ms. McGruder, on behalf of AATCLC, has openly asserted ownership over the recent effort in Sacramento, praising the Law and Legislation Committee's adoption of "our ordinance to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products".

In Mexico, e-cigarettes kill you?

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You thought anti-vapor campaigns in the USA were bad? You thought you had seen it all with the CA campaigns? And now there is this. Wow. Just... wow. If any of our Spanish speaking advocates and vapers are willing to lend a hand to respectfully educate some members of the Mexican government that would be wonderful.

Amber Stow Does Not Like Our Opposition to Flavor Bans

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As you can see from the video, Amber decided to mention our opposition and call us "a page out of the Philip Morris playbook". Which does not surprise us considering that ideological anti-tobacco crusaders will always try and smear any opposition as being the work of "evil big tobacco companies".

What happens when Common Core meets Tobacco Control?

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What happens when Common Core meets Tobacco Control? Let's ask UCSF and AATCLC anti-tobacco activist Carol McGruder. It's misleading statements like this in front of policymakers that make you seriously question all their other data.

Donate today to help prevent bad news tomorrow

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Monitoring for, relaying information about, communicating talking points on, and engaging on flavor bans with elected officials is not a matter of simply watching the news because once these things are in the news you've already lost weeks, if not months, of valuable time.

Why battles are so much harder in California

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A picture always says more than a thousand words. Looking at the total funding, California has $336 million a year to spend on tobacco control efforts. That is more than all the other states combined. Remember that next time you wish to compare states.

The Flavor Survey is a huge success

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the recent flavors survey and a huge shout-out to all of you who helped spread the word about it. Nearly 70,000 data samples is amazing! Between our shortlink that you've all put on your posts, images, and flyers, the CASAA link and text number all over the place, and direct reach you have given all of us a little hope and encouragement that you care about the flavors that keep you away from combustible cigarettes!