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Alameda City Flavor Ban

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San Pablo on November 5th, Marin County on November 6th, and not Alameda City on November 7th. Three days in a row, three flavor bans in a row. The city of Alameda is introducing its ordinance to prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco (including vapor) products at their 7PM meeting on November 7th. It's item 6-B on the agenda so you might want to plan for a long evening. The city allocated an hour for this item and it's near the end of the list.

Alameda City, CA Flavor Ban Second Meeting

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We would like to urge you to submit written comments to the city council at the contact details below to express your concerns about prohibiting the sale of flavored vapor products in the city and strongly recommend you attend the next meeting on September 10th at 9:00am.

Code Red Flavor Ban Alert

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If you are a vaper, vapor retailer, or manufacturer in any of the below-listed areas we will want to hear from you ASAP so we can start rallying and organizing opposition to preserve the availability of flavored vapor products.

Alameda Flavored Tobacco Ban Update 3

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Mayor Trish Herrera Spencer may be a good target to engage with since she believes a ban may cause unintended consequences and wants to make database based decisions and wants to know where these minors are getting their flavored tobacco products and whether it really is from the retail stores or from family members or other means.

Alameda Flavored Tobacco Ban Update 2

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Second time in a row, at the hearing tonight in Alameda the flavor ban item did NOT get addressed. They just took a vote to not deal with it due to time limitations on council meetings so 17 speakers who wanted to speak on the flavor ban issue can go home now.