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Code Red Flavor Ban Alert

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If you are a vaper, vapor retailer, or manufacturer in any of the below-listed areas we will want to hear from you ASAP so we can start rallying and organizing opposition to preserve the availability of flavored vapor products.

Contra Costa County Flavor Ban Health Services Meeting

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The meeting over at the C3-PH today was a bit chaotic and I guess what they really mean with "informal" is lots of people all trying to have a say and things being a little... disorganized. There were about 40 or so people there in total and only two ladies from the department. I noticed in the round of quick introductions that none of the body parts (ALA, ACS, etc.) folks were there which I thought was a little odd unless they already had done all their groundwork with them. And, indeed, as I suspected, they have.

Contra Costa County Flavor Ban Testimony

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I suspect that any material and policy suggestions provided to you that refer to a prohibition of flavored e-liquid may be a little outdated. Based on the model ordinances, such as those created by Change Labs in Oakland, and often lobbied for by public health organizations, argue that a prohibition of flavored e-liquid is based on preventing youth access to these products.

Contra Costa County, CA Flavor Ban Alert

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Heads up everyone, Contra Costa County Health Services is having a meeting to discuss prohibitions on the sale of flavor tobacco products, which of course includes all forms of vapor products. They are looking for input on the matter. Below is the letter that they have sent out to retailers in the affected areas, which spans all of unincorporated Contra Costa County.