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San Francisco Flavor Ban Update

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Last night at the SF-DPH meeting a few things got confirmed. In no particular order: Sales of 0-nic products are allowed and the retailer can sell nicotine separately that can then be applied by the customer. Note, do not mix that in the store or do it for them. (Note: this is confirmed to be fine in SF, Beverly Hills, on the other hand, is a completely different story)

Flavor Ban supporters urged not to use the word “Ban”

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It appears the "Yes on Prop E" committee who are in favor of PROHIBITION of flavored vapor products in San Francisco is terribly afraid of admitting to their prohibitionist tendencies and has been instructing their canvassers to not use the word "BAN" in public.

Let’s Be Real San Francisco Press Conference

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Despite many years of work on kicking butts of the cigarette variety, many trusted institutions have opted to disregard science in favor of prohibition. Smokers and those who’ve transitioned to vapor products are quickly becoming casualties of THEIR war on smoking. Media campaigns, testimony and the overall message from public health has been that smoking is no longer a problem, but e-cigarettes are.

Let’s Be Real San Francisco Press Conference

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As previously announced, a ballot committee has been formed to address the "flavor ban" ordinance in San Francisco to force a public referendum. For details on what this means, please check our Q&A. Since that announcement, signature gathering has started in order to get the nearly 20,000 required signatures to file. As of today, that goal has been accomplished!

Let’s Be Real, San Francisco Q&A

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Over the last few months, Not Blowing Smoke has spearheaded the fight against the local flavor bans in the San Francisco Bay Area along with a wider coalition of consumer, industry and small business partners. We have continued working closely with our colleagues and are excited to jointly unveil the beginning of a new campaign.

Let’s Be Real, San Francisco – Coalition to Qualify Referendum on Flavored Tobacco Sales Ban

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In the wake of the city’s passage of an ordinance that would ban the sale of most vaping products and e-cigarettes, menthol cigarettes, and other tobacco products, a group of concerned residents, including small business leaders, retailers, adult consumers, and free choice advocates have announced the formation of Let’s Be Real, San Francisco.

Bay Area vapers, Your ship is about to sail

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Flavor bans are about to happen in San Francisco, Oakland, San Leandro, Los Gatos, Palo Alto, and Contra Costa County. We will be telling elected officials and media in the Bay Area that Adults Like Flavors! Be part of this fight while having some good food, fun, and flavors!